About Us

SHERPA Institute is a non-profit organization dedicated to continual improvement, research, education, and global collaboration for A WORLD WE ALL WANT.

We are proud to have collaborators of all ages, from around the globe, represented throughout our team. The Institute’s diverse leadership and key contributors are seasoned professionals with decades of experience across a broad range of industries and disciplines. At the same time, we actively seek new perspectives by providing internships to early-career professionals and students. Some of the best insights have come from high school students!


International Political Summits

The Sherpa people of Nepal serve as guides in the Himalayas, clearing the way for groups of adventurers in the journey upward to a major summit.  Sherpas have a well-worn method for getting to the top of the mountain, with the goal for all climbers to safely reach the summit and make their way back to base camp.

Their primary role is that of a guide; while they do help transport supplies, they do not actually carry the climbers up the mountain. The preparation for the climb, and every step of the ascent belongs to the climber.

Likewise, your journey toward an ideal state of sustainability, and your commitment to future generations through regeneration, does not belong to the Institute – it is yours and your organization’s.  We provide a methodology, with many methods, for making the journey successful and collaborative for the group.

In international political summits, the term “Sherpa” refers to the representative of a head of state or government, who prepares for an international summit and attends multiple conferences where possible agreements are laid out ahead of time. This preparatory work reduces the amount of time and resources required at the negotiations table, when heads of state meet for the final summit. While this type of Sherpa contributes to the well-being and sustainability of society, the final acts of diplomacy must be conducted by those with the official authority, on behalf of their citizens. A political Sherpa paves the way for transparent communications, in which all concerns have been heard, and mutually beneficial outcomes are the desired outcomes.

Similarly, many of SHERPA Institute’s CISR (sounds like scissor) tools and techniques provide teams a framework for honest, open, authentic discussions about the most sensitive topics in the workplace. We have seen measurable improvements in organizational culture, through the deployment of our CISR Methodology. Continual improvement for social responsibility is not just about running project after project. It is about creating A WORLD WE ALL WANT, one team and one organization at a time. It is our honor to serve as guides in these journeys.

Sherpa Institute

We abbreviated our name from SHERPA Sustainability Institute in 2020 to reflect a broader mission to include Regenerative Development. We’re working hard to create A WORLD WE ALL WANT, but we don’t take ourselves too seriously. Humor and humility are at the heart of everything we do. Check out our 3-part video series blast from the past on LinkedIn to learn more and have a few laughs (of course we welcome likes, comments and shares). While you’re there, please follow SHERPA Institute on LinkedIn!