Oscar Rodriguez-Gonzalez

Oscar Rodriguez-Gonzalez

Canada / Eastern Standard Time

Why Join Our UN SDG Project?

My motivation for joining the Sherpa Institute project on Corporate Guidebooks about the UN SDGs stems from my inquisitive spirit for understanding how change is driven at the highest political levels using governance, system, and performance tools. It was interesting to learn how these initiatives are influencing corporations and small-medium business, especially in the resource efficiency and underutilized food topics. I look forward to serving as a guide to colleagues and business owners in the discovery of opportunities in this arena.


Oscar is a professional and entrepreneur who administer Rodriguez-Gonzalez Services.  a Certified Food Scientist, ASQ Certified Quality Engineer, ISSP Certified Sustainability Professional, and has received a PhD in Food Science from the University of Guelph, MSc in Biological and Agricultural Engineering from Texas A&M University and Bachelors from the Pan-American School of Agriculture.

His recent projects include improving the performance of an automated vending network, assisting with the improvement of food safety management systems, researching the implementation of SDG 12 (Sustainable consumption and production) by corporations, and conducting food safety audits. He is an active contributor to most of the professional and fraternal organizations he belongs to.


Goal 12. Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns

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