Job Thomas

Job Thomas

Bengaluru, Karnataka, India / India Standard Time

Why Join Our UN SDG Project?

I have always been in search of knowledge either to update myself, or to use it for educating my clients. When I joined the project, we had not yet started SDG9, which deals with my area of passion – innovation. What has made me continue, even though we had not started SDG9, is the knowledge I am gaining week on week from our virtual sessions and team exercises. The diverse group of global contributors, from various walks of life and ethnicities, makes the whole interaction very vivid and satisfying. I consider myself lucky to contribute my knowledge and time for a greater cause that has provided me gratification.

I invite you to read my series of articles, exploring how innovation is the key to achievement of the SDGs!


Job Thomas has over 35 years of experience in driving overall IT Strategy and Operations. This includes defining the IT Roadmap, budgeting, technology evaluation and evangelizing solutions, building scalable applications on cloud and execution of multi-million dollar, multi-location projects.

He has worked with organizations including Electronic Technology Company in Bangalore, India, Funskool India Limited and MRF Limited in Chennai, India,  Coca-Cola India and Smartlinx VoIP Network in Hyderabad, India. With substantial experience working in startups, as well as large multinationals, Job has consistently transformed business processes and advanced technology adoptions. This prompted him to become an entrepreneur in the area of his expertise. After gaining nearly three decades of experience in corporate roles, Job started his firm, Virtual CIO Consulting Services – vCIO, currently operating in Hyderabad and Bangalore, India.

Going on 10 years, vCIO has been instrumental in developing and implementing many applications to improve the top line and bottom line of organizations through their IT functions. During his tenure, Job has had the opportunity to negotiate and conclude a share purchase agreement with a US web hosting company. Additionally, Mr. Thomas has been on the Board of a public entity in the United States for a couple of years.

His organization has consulted in ERP Implementation, Digital Transformation for a University, AI/ML Evaluation, IT Governance for Financial services, PMO for E-Governance, PMO for GST Service Provider, Virtual CIO for Manufacturing. The business creates long-term IT Strategies for organizations, helps them to study the impact of technology they would like to adopt, finds ways to improve their IT operations, evaluates their existing governance practices, and defines compliance requirements. These engagements deliver measurable return on investment through improved processes, engaged employees and satisfied customers.

The vCIO mantra is: Wisdom to Make IT Work!

Job is also serving Confederation of Indian Micro Small and Medium Enterprises, a non-profit organization in an honorary role as their National General Secretary. He is a SHERPA Institute team member on SDG4 - Quality Education for All.  His passion is for innovation, and Job will also be joining the SDG9 team – Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure.  He considers innovation to be key to achievement of the SDGs which he shares in a series of articles that you are invited to read.


Goal 9. Build resilient infrastructure, promote inclusive and sustainable industrialization and foster innovation
Goal 4. Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all
Goal 2. End hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture

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